What We Do

Tank Of Music features in its name the essence and the core business of the Company. In order to fill in the “Tank” with the best music for the vast public of music consumers and lovers, we offer 360º support to our artists, music players, producers, writers and singers.

Tank Of Music put its catalogue at the service of all the Producers and Creative Directors of motion pictures, short or long films, adv campaigns and videos of any kind, who can choose the songs that better suit their needs or even ask for the production of a unique “tailor-made” sound perfectly matching their requests.

Always looking forward new music and Artists with a proactive A&R activity Tank Of Music services include:

MUSIC PRODUCTION: Writing, composition and production of songs of any genre. Recording, mixing and mastering at Rising Park Studio, our main partner. EP and Album and single tracks selection for the release.

DISTRIBUTION and PROMOTION: Album, EP and singles release and distribution plan, press office activity.

PUBLISHING: Writers support through all the burocratic process of their publishing rights administration, starting with the management of their collecting society membership, if not already member of anyone. Music catalogue administration through royalties collecting and unpaid sums investigation, for past and present years. Co-publishing, sub-publishing, licensing and synchronization deals management. Clients support through the selection of the right song or the production of tailor made music upon specific requests. Tank Of Music is a SIAE member.

ARTIST MANAGEMENT & BOOKING: Artist management starts with the creation of the artist brand and image and follows up with the artist launch in time with the release of his first EP or Album,  with promotional activities including web and social marketing, press office and sponsorship management and live dates booking with the prospective to plan real tours.


The Crew



     MATTEO BRUSCAGIN – PRODUCTION SUPERVISOR   matteo@tankofmusic.com


     LEOPOLDO VENDRAMIN – ARTIST MANAGEMENT and BOOKING   leopoldo@tankofmusic.com


     JENNIFER SANAVIO – PUBLISHING      jennifer@tankofmusic.com






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